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The 3 man build-up

It is very common in today’s game to have a team defending in a 1-4-4-2 shape. This trend is not new and it reached the peak of perfection with Simeone’s Atlético Madrid. This structure is very effective defensively because of the existence of two lines of four, which makes it easier to control both depth and width. […]

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Manchester United

Rashford vs Lukaku – Different contributions to the game model

During the pre-season the teams sign new players and sell others. Since some players take longer to adapt to a new reality, coaches need to know if the new players are prepared for the specific demands of their game model. Let’s look, for example, at Rashford and Lukaku from Manchester United: one had a great performance last season (Rashford) and the other […]

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Juventus FC – Game model

Juventus FC and AC Milan faced each other in the quarter-finals of Coppa Italia, which can be seen as a rematch of the Supercoppa that Milan won in penalties. This time it was Juventus who came out laughing with a 2-1 win that took them to the semi final against Napoli. This was a very different […]

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