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Scouting Report – Ragnar Sigurdsson


Sigurdsson, a 30 years old center back from Iceland, plays currently at FK Krasnodar from Russia.

With 60 games for his National Team, was a starter in every Group A qualification for this competition.

This season played 40 games, averaging 71 minutes per game. Scored 4 goals and 2 assists.

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Defensive Behavior

Was named MVP of the Match due to his consistency the entire match, without fear even in the final moments when England was trying everything to score.

He is specially effective to control and attack the spaces when England played between Iceland lines.

Coordinated with Kári Árnason to control the diagonals from England, making the switches properly.

Was exceptional in the anticipation of England’s forwards.



Defensive Stats

Although it didn’t take many disarms, revealing good control in attacking the ball in the right moment, was his position who gave in the spotlight.

Specially intercepting crosses, Sigurdsson ability to be in the right spot helped Iceland to avoid the danger in closer areas from the goal, forcing England to shoot from long range to bother Hannes Halldórson.



Defensive Set Plays

Corners – Sigurdsson was in charge of controlling the penalty zone . With a zonal marking, he was very aggressive on the ball – something that’s common in all Iceland team.

Indirect Free Kicks – Sigurdsson controlled the first post, with zonal marking also.



Offensive Stats – Passes

Iceland opted for a direct style of play, so the defenders don’t circulate the ball often. Despite this, Sigurdsson prefer the short pass, specially for the line.

Has a good pass accuracy and don’t like to progress individually.


Offensive Set Plays

In the Throw In Sigurdsson is placed in the area entrance looking for the penalty area.

The central defender set place in the penalty area, moving to the goalkeeper area.


Offensive Stats – Shots

Sigurdsson was particularly effective in this chapter. He scored the first goal with a good combination with his sector teammate – Kári Árnason, searching for the space in the back of the defender that’s marking him.

He almost scored again with a bicycle kick, but got stopped by Joe Hart.


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Mauro Saraiva

Mauro Saraiva

Mauro Saraiva, a 27 years old coach with a degree in Physical Education and 4 years of soccer coaching, scouter and team analyst. Currently is the Head Coach of a U12 youth team and team performance analyst in a U17 National Championship team. Mauro Saraiva, treinador de 29 anos com licenciatura em Educação Física e Desporto com 5 anos de experiência de treino de futebol, scouter e analista de desempenho. Actualmente é coordenador de escalão Sub-12 e analista de performance numa equipa Sub-17 do Campeonato Nacional de Juvenis. Email:

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