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Scouting Report – Éder

Éder is a 28 years old striker, currently playing for Lille OSC. He was considered the best winter transfer for the French League 1.

It wasn´t a consensual choice, however Fernando Santos never gave up on the conviction that Éder could have an important role in the team.

In this season he played 37 games, 12 of them in Lille, averaging 89 minutes for the French team.

He scored 9 goals and created 4 assists.



Offensive Performance

Éder took the field to secure the ball so Nani, Quaresma and João Mário could go up field and create danger.

Also, when he didn’t had the ball, he occupied the space between the 2 center backs.



Offensive Stats – Passes

Holding the ball in order to help the midfielders was crucial, specially with Moutinho and Nani, giving time to Portugal to attack.

Éder suffered 6 fouls and created 2 yellow cards – one for each center back.


Offensive Stats – Shot

Éder got 2 shooting opportunities. The first was a header, coming from a corner taked by Quaresma.

Éder occupied the center between the penalty and the goalkeeper area.


Offensive Set Plays – Free Kicks9


Goal 1-0

The goal emerged from a typical Éder´s move – a good combination with the midfielders, receiving the ball with the center back on his back.

With Koscielny on Éder’s back, Umtiti shouldn’t be side-by-side with his teammate.

When Éder gained the position to Koscielny, Umtiti was too far away from the ball, and starts to get back to shorten the space.

This gave enough space for Éder to shoot, and score the goal that gave Portugal the first European Championship title.


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Mauro Saraiva

Mauro Saraiva

Mauro Saraiva, a 27 years old coach with a degree in Physical Education and 4 years of soccer coaching, scouter and team analyst. Currently is the Head Coach of a U12 youth team and team performance analyst in a U17 National Championship team. Mauro Saraiva, treinador de 29 anos com licenciatura em Educação Física e Desporto com 5 anos de experiência de treino de futebol, scouter e analista de desempenho. Actualmente é coordenador de escalão Sub-12 e analista de performance numa equipa Sub-17 do Campeonato Nacional de Juvenis. Email:

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