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Profile Analysis of Rafa Silva

Rafa Silva was born in Barreiro 23 years ago, on May 17, 1993. He is the biggest signing for the national champions in Portugal, for the 2016/2017 season. Here you can find a brief profile analysis for the new SL Benfica signing.

Rafa is a high quality player. Excellent in 1-on-1 situations, accelerating the ball, searching for inside spaces, receiving and breaking the defenses contention, he is for sure one of the best forwards of the Portuguese League – NOS.

The former SC Braga forward has a good decision ability, acceleration and he knows how to temporize the game. For him, each possession is too valuable to give up.

Nevertheless, is he only a fast transition? Absolutely not. He is much more and we truly believe that he can become the next big sell from SL Benfica, in line with Gaitán and Renato Sanches.

Small to medium height, a technical level above average and the ability to understand the game, his teammates and which spaces to occupy. With Jonas in the final years of his career, Rafa is a warranty for the fans to keep the dynamic and the quality, despite the obvious differences.

Rafa is the next key player for the eagles, and the €16 M payed for the ex-SC Braga forward, the biggest transfer between Portuguese clubs, it’s a clear sign of the SL Benfica technical staff and structure trust in the ability of the youngster to keep winning.



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