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Euro Futsal + I + Videobserver = 1100 scout actions in 5 days


A Videobserver Day during the UEFA EURO Futsal

4 February 2014
Portugal vs Ukraine

16:00 arrival at Sportpaleis, Antwerp

17:00 Preparation
Material: Portable Samsung Smart Activ
Software: Live Observer

Uefa Euro Futsal
Uefa Euro Futsal

Optional: Internet = Videobserver Cloud

End of the 1st Half
Ukraine 1 vs 1 Portugal
Pre-report taken from Videobserver Sport Cloud (

End of Game


30min after the game

From OPORTO (Portugal) Fábio is Uploading the video to the cloud (taken from eurosport) and now i can synchronize the video using  Videobserver. The data was obtained during the match with Live Observer

2 minutes later the work is done (and i can start working in Russia vs Romenia)

At this stage i have multi report and a database with:

– Analysis of 12 Teams
– Statistical information and video about 168 players
– Collective and Individual Analysis
– Analysis of 14 matches
– Video library with 14 videos of matches
– Over 1100 video clips

And I can literally generate playlist in seconds from a set of more than 1100 different individual and collective actions of the whole tournament so far. Something like “all shots of Russian team” or “all ofensive corners of Spain”, its so easy.

Follow some of the colect data during the EURo in:

realtime banner for euro futsal



Founder, Project Manager Videobserver . I believe in the democratization of sports analysis software, for all intervenients, such as coaches, analysts, scouts, federations, clubs and players.

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